They depended on each other. And the world depended on them.

Efter en tiotimmars arbetsdag med tolv sexåringar består min kväll endast av te och avsnitt efter avsnitt av Band of Brothers.

- Joe got hit in the arm. New Year's Eve gift from the Luftwaffe.
- Have a lot of you guys been injured?
- It's called "wounded", Peanut. "Injured" is when you fall out of a tree or something.
- Don't worry, there's so much crap flying around here you're bound to get dinged sometime. Almost everyone of these guys got hit at least once. Except for Alley, he's a two-timer. He landed on broken glass in Normandy and got peppered by a potato masher. Now, Bull... He got a piece of exploding tank in Holland. Now George Luz here... Has never been hit. You're one lucky bastard.
- Takes one to know one, Skip.
- Huh, considered us blessed. Now Leibgott, the skinny little guy? He got pinged in the neck in Holland. And right next to him, the other skinny little guy, that's Popeye. He got shot in his scrawny little but in Normandy. And, uh, Buck he got shot in his rather large butt in Holland.
- Yeah, kind of an Easy Company tradition, getting shot in the ass.
- Hey, even first Sergeant Lipton there, he got a couple of pieces of a tank shell burst in Carentan. One chunk in the face, the other chunk nearly took out his nuts.
- How are those nuts, Sarge?
- They're doing fine, Bill. Nice of you to ask.

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